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Presentation Box "B"

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We're now offering  the perfect box
for your retail sales.   
It holds  9-10 soap dishes  (4" x 2.5" each)  and
slants 15 degrees for easy reading
of  the affixed box labels. 
It will easily fit on a shelf or a table top. 
Made of pine.   
Lightly  sanded, and attached with a high quality
 carpenters' wood glue.  No stains; no sealers.

It comes with a set of two outside labels.)
  Box measures about  10"L  x  5"w  x  7"H.
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retail presentation box for wood soap dishes

label for retail box
Shown with individual labels
affixed to soap dishes.
Not included.

  Presentation Box "B"
   ( +USPS Priority shipping $17.10)