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If your package gets lost or the contents are damaged,
 unless you purchase added insurance, as shown below,
you will not be covered.

                                          You may purchase extra insurance for a small additional fee.
                                     To order insurance, click on the appropriate add to button, below.

When purchasing the USPS additional insurance, please add it separately to each insured box, not to the collective box total spent on the soap dishes.

Also, do not include the shipping fees when determining the additional insurance.  Thanks.

In order to purchase insurance, you must purchase it by clicking the below Add to Cart buttons.


  Amount Insured            Fee         Order Button

       $0.01 - $50.00

      $50.01 - $100.00


   $100.01  -  $200.00


   $200.01  -  $300.00

  $400.01  -  $500.00
$12.15 plus $1.85 per $100. or a fraction thereof
over $600. in declared value.
300.01  -  $400.00


   $500.01  -  $600.00
  $600.01 - $5,000.00  (max liability is $5,000.)

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In the event of an insured loss, please file your claim at